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Dorthy Lowman

Dorothy (Dot) Lowman was recognized on her 105th birthday as a Carroll County Educator of 40 years.

Read the article honoring her in the June1, 2018 edition of the Hagerstown Herold Mail.


Loretta Hill, CCRSPA Member and recipient of the Maryland State Senior Citizen Award

for work as a volunteer. Entered into

Maryland Senior Citizen Hall of Fame 2015

 Community Service 

Ronda Robinson, Carroll County Recipient of the 2017 MRSPA Community Service Award

Ronda Robinson received the Community Service Award from Co-President Naudine Pheobus.  Rhonda was recognized for her service to the Strawbridge Shrine Association, Carroll Live on Stage, Shepherd's Staff, Library Link Program and as a blood platelet donor.  He contribution to the community is described in our Fall, 2017 newsletter.  

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